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Land Disposition Services

Helping clients make strategic decisions for land depositions

AFM Real Estate’s Disposition Services group provides strategic, financial, and tactical advice for large, complex land disposition projects across the United States. With the support of our parent, American Forest Management, we can assemble the most comprehensive team of experts available in the marketplace to realize the best outcomes for our clients.

Our Approach

Representing a wide variety of owners in the sale of undeveloped property.

AFM Real Estate represents a wide variety of owners in the sale of investment timberland, agriculture, conservation, recreation, and carbon assets. We are keenly focused on understanding our clients' objectives and developing a plan to realize those goals. We execute our projects using a fully integrated team approach. Our brokerage staff, in-house marketing, forestry field staff, technical services team, appraisers, and specialists all work together to achieve the best outcomes. In our 60+ years of working with landowners we have found a clean sale process gives the market confidence, accelerates the disposition process, and mitigates any challenges that arise. Our reputation in the marketplace is our most valuable asset, bringing the most qualified buyers into the land disposition process.

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