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Stewards of Land

Proper management of land is critical if long-term health and prosperity are to flourish from the acres we call our own.

  • Agriculture Services

    Agriculture Services

    Layout of plans to maximize farm management and investment strategies.

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  • Reforestation / Silviculture

    Reforestation / Silviculture

    Long-term sustainability of forestland requires replanting trees after harvest.

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  • Timber Sales

    Timber Sales

    Knowledge of local markets to best time and execute the sale of timber.

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  • Forest Inventory

    Forest Inventory

    Designed to ensure the landowner knows timber volumes and values.

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  • Wildlife Services

    Wildlife Services

    Proper and targeted wildlife management can produce and enhance native species.

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Our Mission

Service with experience and respect.

We’ve been helping landowners like you manage, sell, buy, improve and enjoy millions of acres of land for over 55 years. We remain keenly focused on our vision of making ownership more rewarding by helping people explore the full potential of their land through professional management.

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