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Skilled property accountants here to support you.

At American Forest Management, we’re proud of our highly skilled team of accounting personnel, including CPAs on staff. Our team is uniquely qualified to manage a wide variety of property & forestry accounting functions for our clients, which are customized to fit the needs of all landowners, property types and sizes.

Our Approach

Customized accounting services for all landowners.

AFM currently has twenty employees dedicated to client accounting. All revenue and expenditures are handled for forestry accounting through Forest Products Accounting (FPA), a fully integrated accounting system that includes bank reconciliations and a general ledger reporting system, as well as the ability to export reports to Excel. FPA is a cloud-based system with the FPA vendor, Accounting Solutions, utilizing a third-party cloud hosting service. Services provided by the AFM Client Accounting Department range from a host of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual commitments, customizable to meet clients’ needs.

We're Ready To Help.

Reach out anytime to talk to one of our experts that knows your area.