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Environmental Services

Committed to preserving our greatest resources.

Given our profession and deep passion for the land, AFM naturally has a vested interest in ecological and environmental management services. Our presence throughout the United States and Central America uniquely qualifies us to understand the environmental and ecological issues, nuances, and differences by region.

Our Approach

Unrivaled experience and passionate dedication.

AFM is uniquely positioned to help landowners solve environmental management issues.

AFM offers the following environmental services:

  • Assess the environmental and economic values of natural resources assets.
  • Work within the regulatory framework of federal, state, and local government agencies.
  • Provide an integrated approach to all aspects of natural resource management through collaboration with other specialized land management operations.
  • Compliance surveys for Best Management Practices (BMPs).
  • Comprehensive support services for conservation easements designed for natural resource preservation.
  • Timely information concerning environmental commodities.

We're Ready To Help.

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