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Forest Carbon

Maximize the carbon potential of your property.

Programs and markets which compensate landowners for the carbon sequestered in trees on their property are a developing opportunity for many landowners. We have helped landowners understand and participate in these markets and continue to monitor the landscape for updates and new programs that align with their ownership needs and objectives.

Our Approach

Your guide to navigating a developing market.

AFM has experience in many important areas relating to carbon projects on private forestland. We have designed and performed forest carbon inventories to identify or verify carbon stocking on properties either considering a carbon project or maintaining an existing one. Our Biometrics Team possesses the ability to estimate carbon stocks based on raw or existing inventory data. We have experience in strategic forest planning modeling which can be applied to carbon related management scenarios. AFM recognizes the changing and expanding area of carbon within forest management and investment strategies and therefore is well connected to those companies representing the carbon marketplace.

We're Ready To Help.

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