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Land Management+

Custom solutions for your property.

Landowners are as diverse as their individual holdings. To serve the greatest spectrum of needs, we offer a comprehensive suite of land management services. We consult with private landowners, investment management organizations, trusts, conservation groups and more.

Land Management Services

Comprehensive experience and offerings for the needs of today’s landowners.

Our land management experts listen to you to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your conservation goals in the long and short terms.

Reforestation / Silviculture

Long-term sustainability of forestland requires replanting trees after harvest.

Timber Sales

Knowledge of local markets to best time and execute the sale of timber.

Forest Inventory

Designed to ensure the landowner knows timber volumes and values.

Wildlife Services

Proper and targeted wildlife management can produce and enhance native species.

Agriculture Services

Layout of plans to maximize farm management and investment strategies.

Wood Flow

Designed to service the needs of landowners to navigate the intricacies of fiber supply agreements.

Forest Certification

Forest management operations conducted under FSC, SFI, ATFS guidelines.


Wide variety of accounting functions which are customized to meet landowners’ needs

Environmental Services

Provide an integrated approach to all aspects of natural resource management.

Forest Carbon

Understanding and monitoring forest carbon markets to maximize investment strategy.

We’re Ready To Help.

Reach out any time to talk with an expert that knows your area.