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Timber Sales

Maximize your timber value in a complex market.

Our process begins with gaining an understanding of your timber sale objectives. We conduct a thorough analysis and inventory of your standing timber and develop a timber sales plan customized to meet your goals while maximizing profit.

Our Approach

Timber sales plans customized to your goals.

The timber market is complex. Too often landowners are approached by timber buyers with offers that are below market value and without knowing, the landowner doesn’t maximize his/her timber value. This is where American Forest Management can help. Our team of experts has an intimate knowledge of local timber markets to properly time and execute your sale to maximize profit. We have an extensive database of timber sales nationwide and our foresters know local market conditions for the type of timber you are selling. You can count on our sales plans to be developed with the utmost sensitivity to property integrity and responsible harvesting.

We're Ready To Help.

Reach out anytime to talk to one of our experts that knows your area.