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Agriculture Services

Get the most out of your farmland.

Investing in farmland is a big decision. There are more than just crops and land rent to consider when investing in a farm. Having a team of experts like those at American Forest Management is vital to understanding the facets of farmland ownership and management.

Our Approach

Proudly backing our nation’s farmers.

AFM’s process begins with understanding your goals and objectives. Our experienced staff can help guide you through the acquisition process to ensure that the property you purchase will provide the needed return on investment (ROI). We take a comprehensive approach to determining which properties are worthy of an investment. We can determine ROI, age of equipment, current lease market, outlets for commodities, current and potential issues, available tenants, etc., to ensure your potential investment is sound.

A few of the farmland management services we offer include:

  • Tailored farm leases
  • Farm inventory, budgeting, and planning
  • Due diligence for acquisition or disposition
  • Precision ag soil sampling
  • Conservation easements
  • Property mapping
  • Data management
  • USDA farm programs
  • Recreational licensing

We're Ready To Help.

Reach out anytime to talk to one of our experts that knows your area.