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2023 North Carolina Timber Sales by County


This layout clearly illustrates the high and low bids for timber sales across different counties in NC from sales administered by American Forest Management's Troy, NC office during 2023. The green bars represent the high bids, while the red bars show the low bids, making it easy to compare the bid range within each county. Through our oversight of these timber sales, our clients realized a substantial increase in revenue, with total high bids reaching $3,470,756, far exceeding the total low bids of $2,315,055. This significant difference in bid amounts highlights the value that consulting foresters bring to the table in optimizing the financial outcomes of timber sales for private landowners.

Benefits of Hiring a Consulting Forester

Hiring a consulting forester offers landowners significant advantages in managing timber sales, underpinned by their dedication to serving the landowner's best interests, not the buyer's. Consulting foresters are aligned with the landowner throughout the entire sale process, ensuring that the landowner's financial and ownership goals are prioritized. Here's how they add value:
  • Landowner Representation: Consulting foresters work exclusively for the landowner, not timber buyers or mills. Their objective is to secure the best possible deal for the landowner, ensuring the sale's terms and conditions favor the landowner's interests.
  • Contractual Protection: They provide expert advice on contract negotiations and drafting agreements that protect the landowner's interests. These contracts are comprehensive, covering aspects like payment terms, timber harvesting practices, and protecting the land to prevent any potential exploitation of the site.
  • Comprehensive Sale Management: Consulting foresters are involved in the entire process of the timber sale, from initial inventory and valuation to finalizing the sale and overseeing the harvest. This end-to-end involvement ensures that the sale is conducted efficiently and ethically, adhering to agreed terms.
  • Reforestation Guidance: After the harvest, consulting foresters assist landowners with reforestation, helping to plan and implement tree planting. They also guide landowners in accessing cost-share programs for reforestation, which can offset some of the expenses associated with planting new trees, ensuring the sustainability of the land for future timber sales.

This comprehensive support ensures that landowners are well-equipped to make informed decisions, secure the best financial outcomes from their timber sales, and maintain sustainable land management practices for the long term.