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American Forest Management Acquires Family-Owned Forestry Consulting Firm in Virginia


American Forest Management is pleased to announce the acquisition of South Rivers Forestry Consultants LLC (SRF), a family-owned forestry consulting business started by Jess and Valerie Crawford in 2006. SRF specializes in long-term timber management for non-industrial private landowners and large commercial clients in North Carolina and Virginia.

As part of the acquisition, American Forest Management will gain all client contracts and take over a lease of SRF’s Stony Creek, Virginia, office. All three foresters from SRF are joining American Forest Management and they will continue to serve clients from the same office. Synergies between the companies and the Stony Creek operating base provide even more opportunities for American Forest Management to better serve landowners on over 200,000 acres throughout the state.

“SRF is an incredible forestry consulting firm with a diverse portfolio of clients and a great team,” said Chris Manus, Mid-Atlantic Region Manager. “We look forward to welcoming our new employees and expanding our footprint in both the North Carolina and Virginia markets.”

American Forest Management purchased the consulting firm after Carolyn Mulligan, Richmond District Manager, was approached by the Crawfords who were looking to retire and sell their business. They wanted a leading company they could entrust to take care of their employees and client base.

”SRF and AFM foresters are well acquainted having developed long term “friendships through forestry” as a result of working together on countless industry related projects. We look forward to a smooth transition for all involved,” said Jess Crawford.

In addition to land management, the firm offers a diverse suite of services for landowners including forestry consulting, timber management and sales, specialty real estate services, wildlife/habitat management, farmland management, environmental consultations and custom specialty services.